Saturday, March 26, 2011


Geez. After seeing these grades, I could always try my hand at computer repair if being a cartoonist doesn't work out. :/
But I dun know where to start. And Geek Squad is the last place I'd try.
That said. Superjail is a fun little show. I wish our school didn't get rid of the Cartoon Network channel (Seriously guys? All the animation students are gonna be ANGRAAYYY!!) So no new Superjail for me, and no new Venture Bros. whenever they decide to bring that back (One Day. I need my daily dose of Brock and 21 & 24... Wait... Now just 21. Whatever.)
So yeah. That's that.


  1. superjail o.o <333 venture brothers is okay....

  2. Yeah man you gotta do what you love and not what the world wants you to.

  3. I love Venture Brothers but haven't caught it in awhile.