Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Day

Sorry for the lack of posts, What with Humans vs Zombies (Think: Freeze-tag with NERF guns.) and homework, I've been a bit busy. I'm glad I'm actually getting to draw comics again, and for SCHOOL! Today I discovered that Iced Cofffees from Starbucks by people who don't know you suck. A lot.
I'm getting some new music to (hopefully) be ready for whenever this school dance is.
The room is 95% clean, and thanks to HvZ, I may have a new roommate for next year, finally. Woo!
Tomorrow I draw naked people at 8 in the morning. Woo!
Till tomorrow.


  1. Freeze-tag with nerf guns?!
    Few things can beat that.

  2. Cleaning is the worstttttt

  3. Good luck with your school (it's a nightmare!)

  4. they play HvZ all the time at our school. looks like a blast!

  5. What's wrong with Naked?

    Natural and all that..