Saturday, May 7, 2011


     I saw THOR at midnight. I rather enjoyed it! The end felt a bit too rushed, and there were some plot holes, but hey, it's a super-hero (well... Norse God?) movie, so I'll forgive it.
     I got an email from those storyboarding guys today, they actually enjoyed my work! Which is weird. Because I don't really like my art all that much. Maybe 'I don't like it' is the wrong term. I don't thing it's up to par to work like Scott Kurts, or Kate Beaton, or the like. My 'style' ,if you will, is rather simple. Maybe that's a good thing? Do other artists like myself have these thoughts? Do professionals think their work is total crap? Do they reply with "Really?" when a fan tells them they love their work? Surely I'm not the only one.
     Either way, I'm now 95 per cent sure I have the job, which is wonderful! Next up I have to find a house. To live in. Can you say man-cave? I know I can.
     See you tomorrow.


  1. I enjoyed Thor as a movie but there were a lot of cliches and plot holes, as you noticed yourself. I did like the plot twist with Thor's brother however.

  2. Not sure about watching Thor, anyways good luck with the job!

  3. I've been hesitant about Thor, but I've been hearing a lot of good things about it. I may have to reconsider.